Join the fight against financial crime

Economic damage caused by financial crime is ever-increasing.

Commerzbank Group makes every effort to ensure that customers and employees do not become victims of financial crime or become otherwise caught up in it, and that its products and processes cannot be abused for fraudulent activities.

Prevention and detection of financial crime is a key element of our corporate culture. We are committed to integrity within the company and in our dealings with our customers, and put it at the heart of the way we do business.

Commerzbank wishes to encourage everyone to join the fight against financial crime by reporting suspicious behaviour. Studies show that reports from employees, clients or third parties do often uncover criminal activities, resulting in investigation and prosecution.

Online reporting

So we have introduced a standardised reporting system, to run alongside our existing communication channels (the Compliance Department and Internal Audit Department). The BKMS-System (Business Keeper Monitoring System) is an internet-based application, which enables employees, customers and third parties to report potentially fraudulent activities affecting the Commerzbank Group, online at any time of day.

We value open communication and we hope you will feel able to submit your report under your name. If you feel more comfortable not giving your name, you may do so. In any event, your information will always be handled in strictest confidence. We do encourage you to set up an electronic postbox in the system. This will enable us to communicate with you, and to seek any further information we need.

We have set up this system to receive reports of possible criminal activity made in good faith. People must not abuse this system by submitting deliberately false or defamatory reports. These may even lead to legal consequences for the reporter.

In addition to using the BKMS system, you can contact designated Whistleblowing officers – Head of Compliance Department Prague and Deputy Head of Compliance Department Prague in the office hours, e.g.

• by phone: +420 221 193 257 or +420 221 193 422

• personally: only by prior arrangement, the meeting will be agreed within 14 days of the meeting request.

Telephone conversations are not recorded and therefore, as in the case of a personal meeting, a written record of the notification will be made, which will be submitted to the notifier for comment.

• in writing to:

COMMERZBANK Aktiengesellschaft, Prague branch

To the attention of the Head of Compliance Department – Whistleblowing

Jugoslávská 934/1

CZ 120 00 Prague 2

You can also use a different method (if the notification concerns compliance activities) to notify you, so-called external notification system established by the Ministry of Justice (Ministerstvo spravedlnosti ČR). Notification of breach of obligations under law No. 253/2008 Coll., on certain measures against the legalization of proceeds from crime and terrorist financing (§ 34a AML Act) are always notified to the Financial Analytical Office (Finanční analytický úřad).

Please use these links to enter the reporting system: